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Alignment for innovation

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VIP Cube
If you want to:

  • Develop a VISION, fostering information sharing and visibility of the future
  • Enable INNOVATIVE attitudes through responsibility and autonomy
  • Deploy PERFORMANCE through interactional efficiency and skills

The approach of the VIP Cube helps to find the keys for steering the organization, to focus the leadership, to embody a vision, to put milestones in place, and to inject confidence.

How does it work?

The VIP Cube is a framework for structuring a strategic dialogue with leaders and leadership teams by enabling them to learn to be surprised, not immediately to apply recipes, to learn from a blank page in an extremely fluid environment.

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Alignment Culturel
CULTURAL ALIGNMENT: Certification Barrett Values Centre
CULTURAL ALIGNMENT : easy, on line, unlimited participation
CERTIFICATION CTT2 Barrett Values Centre.

When we work with Cultural Assessment we focus on:

  • Personal values: What is important for our collaborators individually?
  • Current Culture: How do we operate in our organization today?
  • Desired Culture: What is essential for us to achieve the highest performance tomorrow?

Throughout our missions, the CULTURAL ASSESSMENT has been a great way to "walk the talk" and engage people in behaving accordingly to the values enabling a cultural transformation leading to high level of performance!

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eDIALOGUE: 1 hour online up to 1000 participants
eDialogue is an online crowdsourcing discussion platform.

If you want to:

  • Get answers from your stakeholders to your important questions
  • Get deep insight into change forces
  • Efficiently engaging large groups in feedback, reflection and co-creation
  • Get instant insight in real values, ideas and opinions
  • Accelerate change
  • Reduce risk of failure
  • Smart listening and engagement

Then this is the right tool for you!

How does it work?

  • 1-hour smart online discussion up to 1000 participants
  • Connection from any access to the Internet
  • Moderation around a set of well drafted key questions
  • Anonymous, written, collaborative, free of social pressure
  • Conclusive, participants feel engaged by the interactivity and the co-creation
  • Save time and money: no need to travel and easy to use

The outcome is a short list of top opinions and ideas that matter most to participants ranked by importance and a long list of all ideas. It provides a solid base to build the next steps.

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House of Creativity
HOUSE OF CREATIVITY: Innovative workshop
Where have you never been within your organization?

How to mobilize the largest number of people on strategic issues of the company physically and live?

The house of creativity, an exchange workshop on important topics, identifies key actions to implement right away and in the longer run.

Concrete and playful, it fosters innovation and commitment of all, in the way of doing things, and can open doors previously closed.

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Attitudes & Change

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